Weider Vegan

Weider Vegan

Proteins are essential to maintain an optimal state of health and protect your muscles. But often, ingesting sufficient quantities of proteins is difficult, especially for people with special requirements, such as vegetarians, vegans or people with an allergy or intolerance.

At Weider we want to expand your options for enriching your diet with proteins, but we are not content with conventional vegetable proteins. We want to offer the best protein that you can imagine: a complete protein based on high-quality pea protein enriched with rice proteins, antioxidants and modCARB™.

But you do not need to have any special requirements to enjoy Vegan Protein. If you like to look after your health, are sporty, or simply wish to balance the protein intake of your diet, we offer a safe high-quality vegetable protein that is also environmentally-friendly.

Vegan Protein by Weider is your protein, no doubt about it

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