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Potencia tu<br />nutrición

Power your

Vegan Protein is a protein with high
biological value and easy to digest.


Favorece tu<br />musculación

Enhances your

Ideal for helping and benefiting your
bodybuilding process,
try Vegan Protein.


Proteína Vegetal

Plant-based protein

Vegan Protein is for everyone who
wants to consume clean and safe
plant-based protein.


Proteins are essential to maintain an optimal state of health and protect your muscles. But often, ingesting sufficient quantities of proteins is difficult, especially for people with special requirements, such as vegetarians, vegans or people with an allergy or intolerance.

At Weider we want to expand your options for enriching your diet with proteins, but we are not content with conventional vegetable proteins. We want to offer the best protein that you can imagine: a complete protein based on high-quality pea protein enriched with rice proteins, antioxidants and modCARB™.

But you do not need to have any special requirements to enjoy Vegan Protein. If you like to look after your health, are sporty, or simply wish to balance the protein intake of your diet, we offer a safe high-quality vegetable protein that is also environmentally-friendly.

Vegan Protein by Weider is your protein, no doubt about it

Vegan Protein’s main characteristics:

  • 100% Plant-based protein, suitable for vegans.
  • High protein content (76-81%).
  • Highly digestible and tolerable.
  • High biological value and rich in BCAAs and Arginine.
  • Low sugar content and non-added sugars.
  • Low fat and saturated fats content.
  • Gluten, lactose, dairy, soy and most common allergens free.
  • Cholesterol free.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with coeliac disease.

Lactose free

Cholesterol free

Gluten free

Plant-based Protein vs. Animal Protein

Overall, vegetables usually contain less protein than animal foods and ,most probably, this is why plant-based proteins are less well-known and widespread. However, thanks to isolation and concentration methods, protein can be extracted from vegetables to obtain products with high protein content.

Likewise, plant proteins usually offer a lower amount of essential amino acids than animal proteins, so for this reason are considered of inferior quality. Nonetheless, if its source is rightfully chosen, plant proteins may offer a complete aminogram of excellent quality. This is the case of pea protein, very rich in essential and branched amino acids. Vegan Protein is an easy way to balance and split your diet’s protein supply of animal and plant-based protein!


Vegan Protein Ingredients

– Pea Protein (Pisane C9).

The content of essential amino acids defines the quality of proteins and, more specifically, branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) because they are key to building and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, pea protein has a high biological value, which means it provides a large amount of essential amino acids and is especially rich in BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine). Pea protein provides a higher content in lysine and a larger supply of arginine than any milk protein.

When choosing a protein, we must bear in mind that the rate of release and absorption of amino acids is crucial. Pea protein has an intermediate absorption profile, which mean its amino acids stimulate protein synthesis and at the same time remain high in the bloodstream enough time to protect and build body muscle.

Pea protein Pisane virtually covers 100 % of essential amino acids needs
Essential amino acids Amino acids pattern FAO/WHO Pisane Pea Protein (g/100 of protein)
Histidine 1,5 2,5
Isoleucine 3,0 4,5
Leucine 5,9 8,4
Lysine 4,5 7,2
Methionine + Cysteine 2,2 2,1
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine 3,8 9,3
Treonine 2,3 3,9
Tryptophan 0,6 1,0
Valine 3,9 5,0


– Pisane VS Other Pea Proteins.

Weider’s Vegan Protein main ingredient Pisane, pea protein isolate. Pea isolate Pisane C9 contains 88% of protein which comes from non-transgenic peas harvested in Europe. For its extraction only mechanical methods are used, so no chemical solvents like hexane, normally used to extract low-quality plant proteins, are involved in the process.

From this exclusive method to extract Pisane results an isolate with high protein content and highly digestible. Pisane is rich in iron (15 mg/100 g) and is free of lactose, cholesterol free and most common food allergens such as gluten.

Foods from vegetable sources are naturally rich in compounds called antinutrients such as alpha galactosides, trypsin inhibitors or phytic acid. These antinutrient compounds interfere with the absorption of nutrients and reduce the digestibility and nutritional value of plant-based proteins. Thanks to its exclusive production methods, Pisane contains very low amounts of these compounds.

– Brown Rice Protein

You’ve probably heard it somewhere: if you combine legumes with rice you will obtain a protein with high biological value. Rice protein complements the powerful aminogram of pea protein. The rice protein used in Vegan Protein comes from ecological non-transgenic brown rice, so it is easy to digest and offers an excellent profile of amino acid that, in addition, are release at a medium pace. Rice protein is a source of fiber and minerals such as calcium and iron. It is naturally gluten and cholesterol free.

Just as pea protein it is low in isoflavones and, of course, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

– ModCARB™.

A state-of-the-art ingredient made from healthy cereals (oats fiber, ecological amaranth, ecological buckwheat, ecological chia, ecological millet and ecological quinoa). This combination supports the regular absorption and metabolism of glucose, thus helping to prevent sweet cravings and energy slumps. ModCARBimproves the bioavailability of nutrients and at the same time supplies nutrients such as amino acids and functional components like beta-glucans. ModCARBalso adds to Vegan Protein a creamy delicious texture that makes eating plant-based protein a tasty experience.

Although ModCARBis made with cereals, it is absolutely gluten free.

– Dynamic Fruits&Greens™.

Fruit and vegetable concentrate extract which supplies nutrients and antioxidants to support your health. Some of this formula’s ingredients are paprika, ginger, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, green tea, raspberry…

Dynamic Fruits&Greens is free of all allergens and GMOs (genetically modified organism).

Natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients are the aim and base of Vegan Protein. To name a few, it contains cocoa powder, turmeric as coloring or sweeteners derived from Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant whose glycosides are zero-calorie.

Keep your nutrition balance


Pea Protein (Pisane C9) and high quality rice

With a plus of plant extracts and organic cereals

Lactose, cholesterol and gluten free



Thanks to its exceptional aminogram and absorption profile, pea protein can be optimally used as post-workout protein. Each dose of Vegan Protein supplies 4,35 grams of BCAAs; 7,62 grams of essential amino acids plus conditionally essential amino acids like arginine (2.1 grams) and histidine (0,6 grams).

It’s always been said that whey protein is the best post-training protein, but now we have a plant-based alternative equally effective for recovery. In fact, a study done recently did not find differences after consuming whey protein and pea protein after a strength workout.

  Vegan Protein Aminogram Vanilla flavor Whey Protein
Alanine 3,5 g 4,1 g
Arginine 7,0 g 2,1 g
Acide Aspartique 9,2 g 8,7 g
Cysteine 0,8 g 1,9 g
Glutamic Acid 13,6 g 13,9 g
Glycine 3,3 g 1,5 g
Histidine 2,0 g 1,5 g
Tryptophan 0,8 g 1,5 g
Isoleucine 3,6 g 4,9 g
Leucine 3,6 g 4,9 g
Lysine 5,7 g 7,2 g
Methionine 0,9 g 1,6 g
Phenylalanine 4,4 g 2,6 g
Proline 3,6 g 4,7 g
Serine 4,3 g 4,2 g
Threonine 3,2 g 5,7 g
Tyrosine 3,1 g 2,8 g
Valine 4,1 g 4,6 g



Those who, besides wanting to eat healthy, have environmental concerns will be happy to know that when consuming Weider’s Vegan Protein, they will be taking care of the planet.

Green proteins are more ecofriendly because they require lower production sources and have lower methane and CO2 emissions. In addition, since its production methods do not involve solvents or fertilizers, and it does not need transportation because it is manufactured in Europe, Pisane has a far lower footprint than other any pea protein in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weider Vegan

As complement 1 -2 shakes per day, as sustitutive you can include 3-4 shakes per day, depend of your weight.

Yes, each serving has less than 0,5 g sugars.

Yes, each serving has only 109 kcal so is perfect to include as snack in your diet. Also, the proteins helps to care and mantein the muscle mass meanwhile you loss fat.

Yes. It not neccesary to combine with extra protein supplements. You can combine with other supplements like: L-carnitine, BCAAs, collagen, vitamins, minerals…

Ideal to drink at any age, from active young people to elder, who want to take care of themselves and take quality protein.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are good to mantain muscular tone, avoid loss of muscle mass (specially when dieting), recover after exercise and very good to avoid catabolism specially after 40 years old.

Mix 1,5 scoop (30 g) with 300 ml of water or plant based drink like: almond drink, oat drink, …

Yes, Weider Vegan protein is gluten free.

Perfect to include at any time of the day as a complement to a healthy diet. Ideal after exercise to recover properly.

You can use it as long as you want as a complement to a healthy diet.

Yes, Vegan Protein is ideal to take care of muscle mass. The combination of cereals and plant based protein offers a nutritional profile similar to whey protein. Combines Pea Protein (Pisane C9) and high quality rice protein.

Dairy, Lactose, cholesterol and gluten free.

Supplements are backed with a lot of scientific evidence; they can be a perfect complement for a deficient diet or provide a multiple benefits for your health.

If you do not take foods of animal origin, Vegan Protein is an ideal protein source to achieve protein requirements. If you take animal protein in your diet, Vegan Protein helps you achieve the requirements in a balanced way  reducing animal consumption.

You should know that Vegan Protein offers a nutritional profile similar to whey protein thanks to its combination of vegetables and cereals.

The taste of Weider Vegan Protein is the best you can find in the market regarding other plant proteins. Compare to milk proteins, plant based proteins might have a strong plant after taste.