Beauty Collagen

Beauty Collagen
WJW.242104 - EAN13: 841419231110

Hydrolyzed fish collagen with SkinAx ™

  • Improves the firmness of the skin
  • Promotes the formation of collagen
  • Protects against oxidative stress

An image is worth more than a thousand words and the care of the personal image and beauty takes more and more prominence in today's society. Feeling good about our image affects self-confidence and self-confidence and how we relate to others.

There are internal and external factors that affect the appearance of the skin, for example, age, genetics, hormones, pollution, stress ... Food is one of the factors that also influences the appearance and health of the skin. Even some ingredients are able to improve aspects of the skin such as hydration, elasticity, smoothness or brightness.

Beauty Collagen by Weider has been formulated using specific and effective ingredients in the care of the health and beauty of the skin, helping to maintain a healthy and youthful skin, as well as combating the effects of age on skin.

• Hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides: they are highly bioavailable and easily absorbed, in this way they can stimulate the formation of the collagen network from the inside.

• SkinAx ™: it is a patent-pending ingredient designed specifically for the health care and appearance of the skin.

Innovative formula made with:

- Antioxidant polyphenols (flavanols) obtained from grapes.

- Protected superoxide dismutase (SOD), antioxidant enzyme from melon.

- Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): powerful antioxidant that contributes to the correct synthesis of collagen for the normal functioning of the skin.

- Zinc, an antioxidant element that contributes to the normal maintenance of the skin and to the adequate synthesis of proteins such as collagen.

SkinAx has a combined effect to improve the general appearance of the skin (the luminosity, density and elasticity of the skin):

- Combat oxidative stress.

- Help in the regulation of melanin synthesis.

- Counteract the degradation of collagen and elastin.

- Contributes to the microcirculation of the skin.

Directions for Use

Take one dose a day. Mix 10 g of powder (1 saucepan) in 200 ml of water.

Nutritional Information

  Por porción**
Energy 153 kJ/ 73 Kcal
Fat 0,1 g
- of which sat. fatty Acids 0 g
Carbolydrates 0,6 g
 - of which sugars 0,2 g
Protein 8,1 g
Salt -0,01 g
Ascorbic Acid 24 mg (30%*)
Magnesium 56 mg (15%*)
Fish Collagen 9,03 g
Zinc 4,1 mg(41%*)
Skinax2™ 150 mg
 * % NRV = Reference Intake of an average Adult.
** Serving size: 10 g powder mixed with 200 ml water.

Size / Flavour

Tin 300 g (30 portions of 10 g) Flavor: Strawberry-Banana


Hydrolyzed fish collagen, aroma (strawberry and banana aroma), SkinAx2 ™ (grape seed extract, melon concentrate, zinc citrate, l-ascorbic acid), magnesium oxide, acidifier: citric acid; coloring: beet juice powder; l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sweeteners: sucralose, sodium cyclamate.